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Fujian Yanan Power Group, founded in 1993, has the registered capital of 117,080,000 Yuan. It has four wholly-owned holding subsidiaries, i.e. Fujian Fuan Eastern Min Yanan Motor Co., Ltd., Fujian Yanan Motor Co., Ltd., Xiamen Yanan Motor Co., Ltd. and Fujian Yanan Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. The main business of the Group includes 2.5kw-3000kw AC marine and land generator, generating unit, new energy automobile motor and drive assembly system, new energy proton exchange membrane fuel cell power generation equipment, rare earth permanent magnetic motor, emergency power station, high-voltage generator and other high value-added mechanical and electrical products. It is a modern private enterprise combining the scientific research, production and sales.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "Seeking excellence, winning the market, prospering Yanan, and sharing glory", Yanan is passed three management system certifications, i.e. ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO28001. The product is gotten UL\CCC\CE\TLC\GS and other international certifications, and has the qualification of foreign aid project supply of Ministry of Commerce. Yanan is "Global Purchasing" supplier of the United Nations. In 2014, the export of Yanan generator was kept on the third place, the export of the generating unit was risen to the fifth place, the output of the self-owned brand which was completed accumulatively throughout the year was about 600,000,000 Yuan, the export for earning foreign exchange was US 56,680,000 dollars, and the taxpaying ranked the first in the same industry in this area.

Yanan insists on "Technology first, and talent focused". Now, it has 68 technicians, 28 engineers and 9 senior engineers, including 3 engineers having doctorate. It builds the technical cooperation relationship with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, South China University of Technology and other scientific research units. Its many products and technologies fill up the market vacancy at home and abroad, and it has 98 patented technologies (including 5 invention patent technologies). The research and development project of the complete equipment of Yanan hydrogen energy fuel cell generation is science and technology key project of national "12th Five-Year Plan-863"; and the new-energy hybrid electric vehicle motor, new-energy pure electric vehicle motor, high-precision permanent magnet servo motor and other product technologies are in the advanced level in China, thereby, realizing the innovative development of traditional motor industry. Yanan is won the honors and qualifications successively, such as "Test Unit of Intellectual Property of National Enterprise and Public Institution", "First Batch of Pilot Enterprise Implementing Technical Standard Strategy in Fujian Province", "Enterprise with Intellectual Property Advantage in Fujian Province", "Fujian Workstation of Academician & Expert", "Talent highland of Hercynian Industry", "Innovative Practice Base of Postdoctor in Fujian Province", "High-tech Enterprise in Fujian Province", "Innovative Enterprises in Fujian Province", "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in Fujian Province", "Key Laboratory of High-performance Generator Enterprise in Fujian Province", "New Energy Power Generation and Drive Enterprise Engineering Technology Center in Fujian Province", and "Technical innovation strategic alliance of New-energy Automobile Industry in Fujian Province".

Yanan holds "YANAN" trademark as the core, and totally, has trademark systems of 35trademark groups. The core trademark "YANAN" is won the honors successively, such as "China Famous Brand" and "Export Brand Recommended by Ministry of Commerce". It is registered in sixteen states of Madrid.

Yanan sticks to the honest business principles, and positively fulfills our social responsibility. It is awarded as the honors by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China, such as "Advanced Enterprise of National Re-employment", "Advanced Private Enterprise of National Employment and Social Security", "Credit Rating of Class AAA Export Enterprise" of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, "Civilization Unit of National Mechanical Industry", "May 1 Labor Prize in Fujian Province", "Class A Management Enterprise Implemented by Fujian Customs", "Class A Enterprise of Credit Regulation" of Fujian Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau of P.R.C, and "Trustworthy Enterprise in Fujian province".

In the future, Yanan will carry out the organizational innovation, technical innovation, management innovation and service innovation continuously and effectively, and build into the global leading electric power solution supplier of the system by taking the century-old high-quality enterprise as the target, so as to contribute the green and clean energy for the world continuously.