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1、 Our business philosophy:
The highest quality products; the most professional technical; the best talent; most challenging market price.

2、 Our business objectives:
All this to you; your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit; with our sincere to win your sure; with our professional achievements of your glory.

3、 Our operating principles:
Jing Ye, to meet user needs; to quality, fine mechanical and electrical construction; honest and provide quality service.

4、 Our entrepreneurial spirit:
Solidarity: Aggregation growth momentum; Innovation: the power of sustained development; integrity: fundamental to our survival; win-win situation: the value of our business.

5、 Our business objectives:
Adhere to class management; production-class products; provide first-class service; build first-class enterprises.

6、 Our corporate vision:
To become an international leader in mechanical and electrical manufacturers, anytime to provide you with professional power solutions.