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  • Product Name: YANAN - Ⅳ
  • Product Number: yn - Ⅳ
  • Release Time: 2017-08-30
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Robust Corrosion Resistant Construction
  ·Constructed from high-graded,heavy-duty steel and further protected by powder coat paint,
  ·Ensuring durability and maximum corrosion resistance

Convenient access for maintenance and Service
  ·Large doors allow for easy access to operate and perform servicing procedures on the generator sets
  ·Removable ducts providing maintenance access with enclosure in place
  ·Lube oil and coolant drain piped to base frame, exterior to the enclosure
  ·Climbing ladder , easier for maintenance and servicing

Security and Safety
  ·Control panel in lockable enclosure door
  ·Exhaust silencing system totally enclosed for operator safety
  ·Adequate ventilation for generator set cooling air requirement 
  ·Fire radiant materials for Absorbent insulating
  ·Specially designed anti-vibration pads to avoid the transfer of vibration from generator set to enclosure

Easy to transport
  ·Lifting points as standard,easier for transportation and installation.
  ·Optional base feet to aid forklift handing
  ·Optional Integration fork lifts slots
  ·Heavy duty trailers for option


Top lifing hook




Drip leak trays


IP65 rating electrical box


File holder

Power Dimensions L×W×H(m)
10-100kVA 2.3×1.1×1.29
100-200kVA 2.8×1.1×1.47
200-300kVA 3.8×1.3×1.85
300-500kVA 4.2×1.5×2.1
500-800kVA 4.8×2.1×2.28
800-1200kVA 5.8×2.25×2.58
>1200kVA 20-40ft container

★Specification subject to change without prior note