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  • Product Number: Mit001
  • Release Time: 2015-07-08
  • Views : 365


Genset Model Standby Power Prime Power Engine Model NO.of Cylinder Detail Data
YN275SL 275kVA 250kVA S6B-PTA 6 YN275SL
YN325SL 325kVA 295kVA S6B-PTA2 6 YN325SL
YN413SL 413kVA 375kVA S6B3-PTA 6  YN413SL
YN495SL 495kVA 450kVA S6A3-PTA 6  YN495SL
YN651SL 651kVA 593kVA S6R-PTA 6  YN651SL
YN750SL 750kVA 670kVA S6R2-PTA 6  YN750SL
YN825SL 825kVA 750kVA S6R2-PTAA 6  YN825SL
YN853SL 853kVA 775kVA S12A2-PTA 12  YN853SL
YN1133SL 1133kVA 1030kVA S12H-PTA 12  YN1133SL
YN1155SL 1155kVA 1050kVA S12H-PTA 12  YN1155SL
YN1382SL 1382kVA 1256kVA S12R-PTA 12  YN1382SL
YN1415SL 1415kVA 1285kVA S12R-PTA 12  YN1415SL
YN1540SL 1540kVA 1400kVA S12R-PTA2 12  YN1540SL
YN1650SL 1650kVA 1500kVA S12R-PTAA2 12  YN1650SL
YN1815SL 1815kVA 1650kVA S16R-PTA 16  YN1815SL
YN1925SL 1925kVA 1750kVA S16R-PTA 16  YN1925SL
YN2090SL 2090kVA 1900kVA S16R-PTA2 16  YN2090SL
YN2250SL 2250kVA 2000kVA S16R-PTAA2 16  YN2250SL
YN2500SL 2500kVA 2250kVA S16R2-PTAW 16  YN2500SL