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  • Product Name: YANAN - Ⅱ
  • Product Number: yn - Ⅱ
  • Release Time: 2015-05-21
  • Views : 469


Standard Features
1、Covering full range of silent generator sets
2、Attractive and weather-proof design can be used in harsh environments
3、Multi-lifting at the top & bottom is designed for easy transfer
4、Unique inlet and outlet duct design prevents devris and dust inhaled
5、Perfect in and out of the wind system ensures the normal operation
6、Large capacity fuel tank with double layer structure ensures the generator set to run at full load for 12 to 24 hours and no leakage
7、IP65 Control box and distribution box design
8、The electric leakage protection function in looping circuit ensures safety performance
9、International standard plug connector and outer terminal guarantees quick,safe & convenient operation


File holder


Lub oil drain valve




IP65 rating electrical box


Coolant overflow tank

Power Dimensions L×W×H(m)
10-100kVA 2.3×1.1×1.29
100-200kVA 2.8×1.1×1.47
200-300kVA 3.8×1.3×1.85
300-500kVA 4.2×1.5×2.1
500-800kVA 4.8×2.1×2.28
800-1200kVA 5.8×2.25×2.58
>1200kVA 20-40ft container

★Specification subject to change without prior note