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Fujian Yanan Company is won the "High-tech Enterprise"

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In January 2015, Fujian Yanan Motor Co., Ltd. was won the title of "High-tech Enterprise". Such honor was issued by Fujian Provincial Department of Science & Technology, Fujian Provincial Department of Finance, Fujian Provincial Office, SAT (State Administration of Taxation), and Fujian Local Taxation Bureau.

Our declaration work of the high-tech enterprise is completed by virtue of the concerted effort of the research and development department, financial department, personnel administration department and other departments by lasting for many months under the full support of Yanan Group and specific guidance of operation management group. With the implementation of this project, we build the S & T project application leading group, perfect the scientific research and technology project archive of the company product, build the template for the standard management of the scientific research and technology project of the company, and lay the good foundation for further improving the overall scientific and technical innovation level of the Company.

The acquisition of this honor is not only the affirmation and approval of the whole technical level of Yanan, but also inspiration and stimulation of the future development of Yanan, and even the important mark that Yanan is successfully transformed from the traditional electromechanical type to the modern scientific and technical enterprise. Yanan determines to continue to embrace the principle of "Research and development face the market, and science and technology service the market", further improve the independent innovation ability, further improve the brand image of the Company, continuously increase the research and development input, improve the technical innovation ability, give full play to the advantages of high-tech enterprise, improve the product and service quality, build the lasting product competitiveness, and promote the rapid development of the Company favorably, stably and efficiently, for the purpose of developing the "Two rates" special activity year of "Improving the profit contribution rate of new product and sales contribution rate of new product.

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