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Telecommunications Field
YANAN T series generator set was exclusively designed for communication base station, meeting relative access standard of base station.
Equipped with unique self-protected system, including characteristics such as self-starting, self-switching and self-stop.

Data Center
Yanan is very experienced and professional in power supply of data center.
The exclusive and efficient power solution will be designed for you based on your specifications, time and budget.
To meet well the control mechanism and redundant demand of data center.
Financing Field
The reliable and stable power supply system of YANAN can continuously and stably power up the large amount of electric devices used in the financing field.
The Power supply is totally worry-free by using unique redundancy protection.
Ultra low noise, low emission, anti-jamming and instant star...
Mining Field
Yanan has special power solutions for the complex-environmental unique fields such as mining, smelting.
Normal operation under the altitude of 3000 meters and from temperature from -150℃ to +4℃.
Average breakdown interval is not less than 2000 hours.
Medical Health-Care Field
The advanced power solution of Yanan is a ideal choice for power supply in medical field.
Features, including long-time stable operation and instant start, make sure the demand of unique power supply for medical health-care industry.
Lease and Construction
The power solution for construction of Yanan targets specially to buildings such as High-rise houses, hotel, restaurants, shopping malls, post offices, and schools, making sure the stable operation of power supply.
Easy operation, convenient maintenance, OEM, 100% service satisfaction to Customer...
Manufacturing, Retailing, Recreational Industry
Yanan general power solution has already provided power supply to several industries.
Totally connected with computer with automation and no-guard.
Equipped with control system of AMF function, making sure that system power can be instantly supplied when main power is off.
Transportation Industry
Yanan power solution for infrastructure keeps the facilities of the airports and the train stations safe.
Ensuring the perfect and quite environment for staffs to work and passengers to ride.
Reliable, timed, economic and all-day power supply.




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